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Harurabo Shoten provides peace of mind with local vegetables from Okinawa

post : 2017.07.28 07:00

Hi, it's Sachiko again from Okinawa CLIP.
You know, I try to buy local vegetables for my cooking as much as I can.  If I can easily obtain tried and true great quality vegetables I should, right?
In recent years, it is getting easier for people to get almost any food from anywhere. Did you know that many people are re-evaluating the benefits of growing and consuming locally? 
The merits of the idea basically are :


* Consumers can buy fresh ingredients


* You can easily know who are the producers of your food


* Seasonable food is easy to get


* Buying locally means there a few distribution costs to add to the price


* Providing fresh vegetables from the field to consumers also brings more activity to       local businesses. 

In business since April of 2012, Harurabo Shoten is a great choice for all the above reasons. 
Mr. and Mrs. Akiba deal only in carefully selected items showing great care with regard to the origins and quality of their products. I can feel the passion of the producer on each item they sell. “Our shop has become something we've always wanted.” said Mr. Akiba. “Because we purchase only things we ourselves would want – and mainly from Okinawa.”
Here, you can find safe, local, local and organic, pesticide-free vegetables, rice, bread, jam and condiments and so on… All from Okinawa Prefecture.
They carry even ramen noodles!
“When we started, we only had about half the amount of what we have now,” Akiba said. “As customers requested more, we began to carry more... And, since getting to know about the passion our suppliers have toward their produce, we started wanting to grow a connection between them and the consumers.” 
Natural soaps that are easy on environment and great for healthy skin are also available and are as easy to appreciate as everything else at Harurabo Shoten.
When asked about their future plans, Mr. and Mrs. Akiba said that they would like to make tofu with local organic soybeans. I was wondering why you never see tofu made with Okinawan soya. Maybe it's available now at Harurabo Shoten. 
Harurabo Shoten
Address: 3-1-15-102 Tomari, Naha City, Okinawa
Tel: 098-943-9575
Hours: 11:00–18:00
Closed: Sunday and holidays
Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sachiko