Okinawa Tourism Information:TheTasteofMom'sCookinginOkinawa“Misoshiru-Tei(MisoSoupDiner)HIDE”

The Taste of Mom's Cooking in Okinawa “Misoshiru-Tei (Miso Soup Diner) HIDE ”

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“Misoshiru (Miso Soup)” is a routine meal in shokudo (diner) in Okinawa.
Usually you can find “Misoshiru” as a side dish, but actually in Okinawa, Misoshiru is eaten as a main dish.

At lunch time, “Misoshiru with a bowl of rice” is an orthodox, popular menu in a diner.


I visited a misoshiru shop, which is rare in Okinawa, “Misoshiru-Tei HIDE” (Nishihara Brunch Shop) for an interview.


The diner is such popular that people line up for their misoshiru at lunch time. 

Their menu items are only misoshiru and Okinawa soba noodle.  They use white miso, which makes their misoshiru a mild, sweet flavor.


They fill the bowl to the brim with misoshiru.  This serving style symbolizes their love of misoshiru!
Okinawa misoshiru has lots of locally-grown ingredients like pork luncheon meat, sanmainiku (braised pork belly), shimadoufu (Okinawan tofu), vegetable, kamaboko (fish minced and steamed), egg.

My favorite item in Okinawa misoshiru is half-boiled egg hidden in the other ingredients!

First I taste umami (the fifth taste sensation) of stock from miso and the ingredients, then at any timing I like, I break the yolk of the half-boiled egg.


The yolk dissolve slowly and its mellowness is mixed with miso soup.  The taste will be exquisite.
Homemade red pepper paste is on the table in “Misoshiru-Tei HIDE.”

You can add some for hot flavor for your misoshiru. Just like this, a bowl of misoshiru satisfies you in different flavors.
Misoshiru in“Misoshiru-Tei HIDE”originally came from the taste of mom’s cooking served at home of the diner owner, Chizuko.


One day her family said to her, “This is good!  You should open your shop.”
That triggered her decision to open the diner.

Okinawa misoshiru is different in the way it looks from that in mainland Japan.  But just like in mainland Japan, also in Okinawa misohiru is a delicious “taste of mom's cooking.”

“Misoshiru-Tei HIDE” (Nishihara Brunch Shop)

Address: 190-1, Uehara, Nishihara-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
TEL: 098-944-0351
Hours: 11:00 to 19:00
Closed on Sundays & Holidays

“Misoshiru-Tei HIDE” (Urasoe Brunch Shop)

Address: 4-12-2, Iso, Urasoe-shi, Okinawa
TEL: 098-874-6272
Hours: 11:00 to 19:00
Closed on Sundays & Holidays

“Misoshiru-Tei HIDE” (Urasoe Makiminato Brunch Shop)

Address: 1-62-19, Makiminato, Urasoe-shi, Okinawa
TEL: 098-870-4266
Hours: 11:00 to 20:00
Open 365 days a year

“Misoshiru-Tei HIDE” (Nago Brunch Shop)

Address: 904-6, Bimata, Nago-shi, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-54-2566
Hours: 11:00 to 20:00
Open 365 days a year

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Taiki Gushiken