Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoyCharbroiledPremiumTaramaGyuBeefatDOUG’SGRILL(inMiyakoIsland)

Enjoy Charbroiled Premium Tarama Gyu Beef at DOUG’S GRILL (in Miyako Island)

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Everyone knows, to enjoy a great burger on Miyako Island, you go to Doug’s Burger! Following Doug’s Burger, its sister shop Doug’s Coffee opened, and now the third in Doug’s group opened in September of 2017, called Doug’s Grill (Main Miyakojima Branch), a Tarama Gyu Beef bistro.

Doug’s Grill is located approximately 20 meters from Nishizato Intersection, the entrance to the island’s main street, Nishizato Street. Its central location is convenient and is easier to get to than Doug’s Burger.


The biggest attraction of Doug’s Grill is the Tarama Gyu (registered trademark) beef that’s carefully selected and introduced by Doug’s. As you may know, the Miyako Islands (Miyako, Ikema, Ogami, Irabu, Shimoji, Kurima, Tarama, Minna Islands) are special production areas of the Miyako Gyu*, an excellent, renown brand of beef, and among the islands, Tarama Island is especially known to have a thriving cattle industry. The island is located 67 kilometers from Miyako Island and only has a circumference of 15 kilometers, with a population of about 1,100 people, outnumbered by its Kuroge Wagyu cattle which numbers at over 5,000.
*The Kuroge Wagyu cattle breed are produced and reared in the Miyako region including Tarama Village. The Quality Grade 4 and above are choice grade, and the 2nd and 3rd are noted to be great for steaks, yakiniku, shabu shabu and other dishes.)

The founder of the Doug’s Group is, you guessed it, Douglas, known as Doug. It was Doug who tried and fell in love with the Tarama Gyu beef, nurtured in the mineral-rich environment of the southern paradise of Tarama Island, and decided to offer it at his establishment. At Doug’s Grill, you can enjoy this very special, high-quality beef prepared carefully and served as mouthwatering steak.


Take the “grilling” step, for example. By using charcoal to grill the meat carefully and taking more time than teppanyaki (hot plate), you can enjoy a more delicate and delicious taste of the meat itself. Then, there’s the “seasoning”. To fully enjoy the taste of the meat, no extra seasonings are used, just simply salt and pepper. You can tell that they’re proud of this meat through their simple, yet well thought out methods.

The popular menu items are fillet (5,000 yen/100g); rump (3,500 yen/100g), top round (2,400 yen/100g) shown in the photo above, shoulder clod (2,200 yen/100g), and other red meats. For marble meats, they have sirloin (4,500 yen/100g), and top blade muscle (3,500 yen/100g). They also offer various other menu items that change seasonally. (All prices introduced for Tarama Gyu beef here are reference prices and are before taxes. Orders are from 200 grams and above.)


As shown above, the magnificent presence of the big chunk of meat measuring about 10 centimeters in diameter, served on a white plate is simply tantalizing…Prepared medium rare over low heat, the texture is nice and juicy. You can only enjoy such great texture and taste through perfect distribution of heat, with the meat grilled on charcoal.

The excellent taste of the meat was just right, as well as the balance of the marble, giving it the wonderful layer of tastes and gradations. The depth of the flavor in the meat even had a touch of sweetness, and it was simply delectable and truly exceptional. Of course, I recommend Cabernet Sauvignon or other medium body wine to accompany this special meal.

Since all the steaks are prepared with extra care, it will require about 20 to 30 minutes to serve from ordering. While you’re waiting, try their healthy side dishes, like the Arugula (Rucola) Salad with Fresh Mushrooms (direct from the farm in Hasegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture) & Miyako Island Arugula (1,100 yen). The refreshing combination of mushrooms and arugula compliments the Kuroge Wagyu Beef very nicely.

If you’re feeling extra hungry, another item that’s popular aside from their steaks is the Hamburg Steak (1,900 yen) that they are very proud of. The hamburg steak is served on a hot plate, fluffy, mild and amazingly juicy! The rich demi-glace sauce is delicious with the seasonal mushrooms and the dish is a casual alternative that’s just as tasty as their steaks.

Doug shares, “I’ve always wanted to open a steakhouse where our customers can dig in to an exceptionally good cut of meat.” He’s particular about his buying methods, too. He buys the whole cattle to secure a steady supply, and has become a pioneer in creating a very original way of running a specialty restaurant. Of course, the fact that he offers ingredients and dishes that you can only enjoy here, is another irresistible charm that adds to the overall satisfaction.

Doug’s Grill offers the customers an unforgettable dining experience with their special Tarama Gyu Beef prepared with great care. Their cooking methods of grilling over low heat to bring out the flavors of their top quality beef may be simple, but it can’t be beat. Doug’s Grill is sure to become Miyako Island’s new and best dinner experience!


DOUG’S GRILL Miyakojima, Main Location
Address: 567-1 Nishizato, Hirara, Miyakojima City, Okinawa
Telephone: 0980-79-7070
Business Hours: 18:00-23:00 (Last Order @ 22:30)
Closed: Thursdays
Parking: N/A

*Prices current as of October 2018.


Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)