Okinawa Tourism Information:BestLocationforSightseeinginOgimiVillage!“PensionTingamui”PromisesYouaComfortableGroupStay.

Best Location for Sightseeing in Ogimi Village! “Pension Tingamui” Promises You a Comfortable Group Stay.

post : 2014.05.15 21:00

Ogimi, a village of longevity has a very few accommodation in the main Okinawa island, so you might feel inconvenient to go to the place for sightseeing.  Here let me introduce you the best accommodation there.

“Pension Tingamui,”which was opened in 2009 is an elegant hideaway for adults, standing on Mt, Tsuha, about 250 m above sea level.

The pension welcomes you with a 360 dynamic panorama and a nice open feeling.

If you stay here in a group, the cost gets much cheaper, so the pension is highly recommended to stay with your family companions or friends. 

It is two-storied reinforced concrete building.  This time I would like to introduce you a 1LDK room on the second floor.  You can use a spacious space of about 102 ㎡ (DK 43.04, Living 43.04, Loft 16.56 ㎡) freely for 2 to 8 persons.  Of course, the whole second floor is exclusively reserved to your group, so you might found it attractive that you can relax without constraint


All the sides face the west and natural sunlight from the large window and an about 4m high ceiling gives you an overwhelming open feeling that you cannot find at hotels.


As this reserved pension is unattended by a keeper, of course you cook by yourself.  Kitchen is also spacious and fully-furnished, which includes a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a rice cooker as well as basic cooking utensils like pots and kitchen knife, plate ware, cutlery, and seasonings.

You hardly feel that you do not have everything you need for cooking and eating.   

The bedroom comes with a bunk bet and the loft has three single beds.  Of course, you can use futon on the floor according to how big your group is. 

From the east window, some of which provides you a view of the Pacific Ocean, the morning light gets in dazzlingly. 


The veranda furnished with a table and chairs commands a view of the East China Sea over the 165㎡garden.  If the weather is fine, you can enjoy watching the Kouri Island, and beyond that the glorious sunset. 


Ruru-chan, a Dalmatian dog, which is well known in”One Hundred and One Dalmatians” welcomes you at the entrance!  (But please don’t be disappointed to find the dog is extremely shy with new people.)

In addition, it is pleasantly furnished with an air conditioning, a TV, a hair dryer, BBQ set.  The toilet is western style with a bidet.  The bathroom has a shower and a bathtub. 

Amenity goods include towel, body soap, shampoo, rinse, toothbrush, etc. for the number of your group.  And don’t worry.  You can use NTT docomo, au, and Softbank perfectly.

No matter how many people in your group, it costs at least \25,000 per room per night (Rates might change according to the season).

The nearest sightseeing spot is a waterfall called “Taa Taki,”which has been loved by the locals for relaxation, is situated near the road about 1km drive from Highway 58.

This place is so popular and crowded with people with family companions in summer.


 Please note that the pension is located in the deep mountain, where you can see nothing but fields, So it is recommended that you buy what you need at a convenient store on Highway 58 in advance. (The nearest convenient store is Family Mart, Oogimi Tsuha Branch, about 4.3 km away from the pension.)

Also the mountain road is very difficult to find, so please do not miss a sign board at the Henan Bridge (the southern side) on Highway 58 (there is no sign marker of the Henan Bridge in English characters on the southern side). But look for the bridge that has two Okinawan traditional flower hats called ‘hanagasa’ on each side.

When you arrive at the pension, you might want to walk around Ta Taki.  You enjoy your BBQ dinner in the great nature of the northern Okinawa while looking over the East China Sea. 

Such a footloose and fancy free group stay that a hotel cannot provide will be one of the unforgettable memories. 

Pension Tingamui (2F)

Address: 1971- 686, Tsuha, Ogimi Village
TEL: 090-9780-3038
Check-in time is from 14:00 Check-out Time until 11:00
Accommodation Fee (per room / per night) : \25,000~
Capacity: Up to 8 persons
* For more than eight adults, add \1,000 per additional adult per night..
* Weekday discount is available (Only for Off-season)
* For the information on 1st Floor, please contact them at 090-9780-3038
Parking :Available

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)