Okinawa Tourism Information:55mDrop,theWaterfallDeepintheMountainsofIriomoteIsland,LargestWaterfallinOkinawa

55m Drop, the Waterfall Deep in the Mountains of Iriomote Island, Largest Waterfall in Okinawa

post : 2014.06.27 16:00

On Iriomote Island, also called “the Galapagos of the Orient,” in Okinawa is the largest vertical waterfall in Okinawa with a 55m drop called Pinaisara.

“Pinai” means beard and “sara” means waterfall. It was named that because if you look at it from far away it looks like the long beard of an old man. If you come close, you will be overwhelmed just by the force of it.

There are three ways to get to the waterfall: enter through the Mid-Sea Road and trek through the mangroves and jungle; take a canoe from the river; or take a sightseeing boat. Among the large waterfalls on Iriomote Island, it is comparatively easy to get to and is recommended for beginners. However, if you trek there are differences in elevations and there are places where if you don’t use a rope then you can’t climb, so if you don’t have confidence in you physical abilities or are elderly, I would like to recommend taking a sightseeing boat.
During the trek there are things that you cannot see on Honshu, like tropical plants, animals and insects that can be enjoyed.

The roots of this looking-glass mangrove tree are very peculiar. They are called plank roots, and long ago they would cut them and use them as is for the rudders of their sabani boats.

From the top of the waterfall you can get a view of Hatoma Island, Barasu Island and Hatobanare Island, and you can see a sight that is like that of the inner Amazon.  

If you enter the waterfall basin by the mountain trail, and look up at the 55m fall, the sweat from walking the mountain trail will be washed away, and it is exhilarating.

It will let you forget all the tiredness that had built up. Bath in negative ions, and take a trip through the wilderness you can feel with your whole body.

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