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You have to eat here! Rafty wrapper in getto leaves!

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Rich simmered pork steamed with salt - the smell of getto

The pork is simmered until soft and marinated in shio-koji overnight to enhance the deepness of the flavor. When it is ordered, the simmered pork is wrapped in the getto leaves and steamed in a rice steamer, and the flavor of the getto seeps into the pork.

It is so soft and tender that it can be cut with chopsticks.

The moment it enters your mouth, it is so tender that it starts to melt.
It is normal for rafty to be simmered in sweet and spicy flavours and give a hint of the seasoning, however the rafty here uses the ingredients so they can clearly be tasted.
The sweet scent of the getto accents the food well.

Getto is an annual plant that can be found in Okinawa and the southern part of Kyushu.
In Okinawa, the leaves are used a lot in cooking. They have a particularly tasteful sweet scent, and the seed are used in traditional medicine.

This dish is made by"Ebisu-ya"in Nishihara Town.
The owner, who loves making food from scratch, is waiting for you.



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Fresh seafood/Fireside Cooking/Steaming "Ebisu-ya Hana no Nishihara-ten"
Address: Onaga 593 1F, Nishihara Town, Okinawa Prefecture
TEL/FAX: 098-946-9313
Operating Hours: 5:00pm-1:00am
Friday, Saturday, Day before Holidays: 5:00pm-2:00am
Regular Closed Days: None
Parking Available
Credit Cards: Usable



Onaga 593 1F, Nishihara Town, Okinawa Prefecture