Okinawa Tourism Information:TheIslandofTheSettingfor"Nabbie'sLove"andFamousSaltProducer

The Island of The Setting for "Nabbie's Love"and Famous Salt Producer

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The setting of the film “Nabbie’s Love”, Aguni Island, is an isolated island that is 2 hours from Naha by ferry.  

The rise to fame of Aguni Island was the film “Nabbie’s Love”, which depicted the love of the grandma Nabbie over 60 years and was one of the forerunners of setting films in Okinawa. The locations for shooting that took place on this island such “Nabbie’s house”, “Nabbie’s beach”, “Grandpa’s field” and the “harbor Nanako jumped in” are still visited by fans today and they reminisce on the situation of the character.    

Also aren’t there a lot of people who remember “Aguni salt”? In the northern part of the island there is a salt factory, who researched nigari for 20 years, where you can taste healthy and abundant salt while seeing the manufacturing process.

There are thin sticks hanging down, that draws the salt out of seawater and the salt is concentrated into countless amounts of bamboo. They are either cooked in iron pots or sun dried to get rid of the water and then there are sifted through.

The salt is made without sparing time and effort, and it tastes good and it is good for you. It is an item especially loved by those all over the country who aim to be healthy.

The hidden spot “Tera” is a cave that is seen as a sacred place among the locals. With sensor lighting the further you going to the cave, the more mysterious stalactites you will happen upon.

You can’t miss out on the famous sunset spot、 the Mahana Observation Deck. On 90m cliff, the magnificent view will make you completely forget about your day.

Though there are these various charms to Aguni Island, it hasn’t become a tourist destination yet, so without many tourists being around you can take it easy and enjoy the unspoiled landscape of Okinawa. And that may be the most attractive point.  

Ferry Aguni (From Naha/ Tomari Port)
One Way: 3,320 (Adult), 1,600 (Child)
Round Trip: 6,310 (Adult), 3,160 (Child)

Dai 1 Air (From Naha Airport)
One Way: 7,700 (Adult), 4,200 (Child)
Round Trip: 14,000 (Adult), 7,000 (Child)

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Aguni Village, Okinawa