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Hand Made Candles with Okinawa Colors

post : 2015.03.20 21:00

Blue sky and Cobalt blue ocean in Okinawa.
Bougainvillea and Getto (Alpinia Zerumbet) flowers are proudly blooming in dense green.
These candles made from Okinawa's nature seem to have a power to heal people.

The Candles with lovely design shown as picture can not only be used as lighting equipment
but also for interior decoration.
The Botanical Candles are coated with dried flowers and
the most recommendable item by the artist

Rinka is the artist who creates such lovely candles and

She used to be an Aroma Therapist, however she happened to find a beautiful
Wax Candle and was enchanted by the beauty and decided to become a candle creator.
She moved to Okinawa from Nara prefecture and got married and now has 3 children.
This year is the 11th year since she moved to Okinawa.

She tries to get hints on her candle creation  out of things she has on her daily life.
The candles created with inspiration of daily life in Okinawa have a lot of essence
of the beauty of the tropical island.

The dried flowers of Bougainvillea look like floating in the pale blue candle
and would remind you of the flowers proudly blooming under the blue sky in Okinawa

This is a Getto (Alpinia Zerumbet) Candle with full of Okinawa feeling.
The Getto leaves are dipped in wax for days to make this candle.

Rinka carefully selects the best ingredient (Wax) out of 4 kinds depending
on its shape and design.

She generally uses Paraffin Wax which is made from petroleum,
Soy Wax, Palm Wax and Bee Wax.

The candle shown in the picture is a Carving Candle which has many layers of wax
and curved while warm.
Color gradation and smooth curve can be expressed in Carving Candles.
As the Carving Candles look gorgeous, they are often selected for anniversary gifts.

Among many candles, Soy Wax Candles have recently been well noticed
as they reportedly clean the air and tender for the environment. 

I like candles with mat on surface ♪
Sea shells in wax look so lovely, don't you think?

These candles are so nice for interior decoration, however, Rinka says
that real beauty of a candle is shown when it is lit.
When you light a candle you will realize the real beauty of it.

10% of these candle sales are donated for 「NPO Okinawa Ryubi no Sato 」
to support children of Fukushima who have been evacuated
to Kumejima cho after the East Japan Quake.
Rinka wishes that the candle lights spread over to other area as a warm support
and therefor started this donation for them.

Blue moon Candles are available in a Hamburger shop
「JETTA BURGER MARKET」owned by Rinka's husband located in Mihama Depo
Island in Chatan cho.
Please visit the shop and feel the difference of candles by ingredients and designs.

It is said that candle lights and swinging flame have a good healing effect for people.
They will leave you relaxed naturally.

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Address/9-19-2F, Mihama, Chatan cho

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Ms. Akari Matsumura