Okinawa Tourism Information:Enjoyenrichingyourlife!Highqualitycraftswhichchangethelandscapeofyourlivingspace

Enjoy enriching your life! High quality crafts which change the landscape of your living space

post : 2015.05.10 19:00

From Kokusai-dori Street, you take Ukishima-dori Street, then take a small street toward Kainan Chuo-dori Street, and you will find a glass-walled shop on the corner.  If you take a look at it from outside, a variety expressions of yachimun (an Okinawan word meaning pottery) and clothes are lined up comfortably.  You cannot help opening the door.  That is “miyagiya-bluespot.”

All the items found in the shop are what the owner, Mr. Hirofumi Miyagi, consider as “something we would like to have for our living space.”

If you can have a wake-up coffee with this fancy cup, or if you can wear this soft and nice clothes, your everyday life will be lots of fun!  You will be very happy!  Every item has such a delightful atmosphere.

The shop has dishware, but his shop is not a dishware shop.  You can also find baskets, bags, wash clothes, candles, music, etc.  His shop suggests you a life style to please your living.

Dishware are mainly made by young pottery artists who work in Okinawa such as Kobo Jikkaku, Muro Gama, Ms. Yuki Toyama.  Their potteries have warmth as found in traditional ones, but they show a modern atmosphere with characteristic of each artist respectively.

Miyagi-san would like young artists to present their works in his shop.
miyagiya-bluespot also supports artists who make a debut.

His desire of having “something we would like to have for our living space” has produced many original goods that you can find only here.

For example, the above photo shows a collaboration work with a pottery artist “Mr. Masayuki Miyazaki.”  A milk-white plate with a blue line that reminds you of the sky and sea of Okinawa is made with an image of enamelled metalware.
When I visited this shop for the first time, I fell in love with this plate.

Many of Ryukyu glassware have thick bottoms, but glassware he ordered from “Okuhara Glass Manufacture” have thin bottoms that can be well coordinated with glassware you already have. 

Just looking around in the shop, and you will find everything is easy to use but a little stylish as well as fits your living space for a long time. 

You can use dishware as a flower vase or an accessory case.  It is exciting if you use items with different lens.  A pottery lump shade will give you fresh air to your living room.  If you wear clothes nice and soft, you will be very happy immediately.

When I listen to Mr. Miyagi, who selected each item with his passion, I feel like I can find a helpful hint to decorate my everyday life pleasantly.

Only having your favorite items around you will make your everyday life sparkling.
miyagiya-bluespot is waiting for you with items that can change the ordinary landscape of your life.


Address: 2‐12‐22 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa
TEL: 098‐869‐1426
Irregularly Closed (Please check the website before visiting the shop.)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono