Okinawa Tourism Information:Youaresatisfiedwith“theluxurioustimeofdoingnothing”atB&B,RAZACOSMICATOURISTHOMEinIkemaIsland.

You are satisfied with “the luxurious time of doing nothing” at B&B, RAZA COSMICA TOURIST HOME in Ikema Island.

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When your heart gets tired of all the stimulation of city life such as rapidly-changing sceneries seen from your car window just like a flame-by-flame playback, the bustle and hustle of the city that surrounds you with conversation, music, and engine overlapping each other, one of the places which attract many people including you is Okinawa.

Marine sport, walking around the town, shopping, appreciation of performing arts, dining in restaurants, visiting around cafés….after you enjoy all the typical styles of Okinawa tourism, why don’t you savor the luxurious time of doing nothing to wrap up with?

You will just leave your unawakened body to the morning sun light, just lie down on the beach to stare abstractedly at how pure-white clouds change their shapes on the horizon, and drop into a fully reclining deck chair to let alcohol make you think as if you were flying in the starry night sky.

You have nothing special to do, but you just want to forget that time passes by every second and savor the joy to live with all of your five senses.  To satisfy your desire, I would like to recommend you a hideaway B&B, RAZA COSMICA TOURIST HOME in Ikema Island.

Natural beach stretches out below RAZA COSMICA TOURIST HOME, which stands on a small hill.

Ikema Ohashi Bridge connects Miyako Island to Ikema Island.

“Heavenly blue,” which is a perfect word for Ikema Island surrounded by blue ocean.  Miyako Island has been said to be nearer to the god than mainland Okinawa, and Ikema Island is much nearer to the god even than Miyako Island.

A film called “Sketches of Myahk” depicts customs and rituals unique to Ikema Island, which still remains in people’s life on the island, and there are hidden sacred areas which are off-limits to outsiders here and there.  In very contrast to such an atmosphere, a transparent, cobalt blue ocean lit with bright sunshine fascinates you and very cheerfully invites tourists to the world of paradise. 

“When I opened RAZA COSMICA in 1998, tourists had only choices of major resort hotels, business hotels, and minshuku (Japanese-style inns),” said the owner, Mr. Hakudou Nakajima.  He might have built an accommodation to realize his dream of “If I were a tourist, I would like to stay in a place like this.”

When you cross Ikema Ohashi Bridge from Miyako Island, you can reach Ikema Island.  Driving a car for about 5 minutes as you feel comfortable ocean breeze to your skin, an exotic, sand-walled building on the left will come into your sight.  When Nakajima-san lived in Kolkata in India for about one year and a half, he learned how to play the sitar, the traditional music instrument in India.  A fusion style building was constructed as Nakajima-san told the designer his image created from the texture of sand walls from the West Asia to the Mediterranean region, and to North Africa, which he is extremely attracted to.  

When I opened the front door, the aroma of incense welcomed me gently.  Soft light coming in from the left large window adds a special kind of atmosphere to a chic public space, which is also used as a dining room. 

Embroideries called “mirror work” as well as objet collected by Nakajima-san decorated everywhere inside of the accommodation touch the heart of travelers.  Placing a brass kaleidoscope by the bed makes tourists happy as a little entertainment. 

Nakajima-san showed me to private rooms on the second floor.  All the floors and the doors are made of wood.  Guest rooms exude a certain dignity and provide you a comfortable atmosphere, which makes you think that a price of 7,000 yen per person per night with no meals is not so expensive.   I was enraptured by his graciousness found in furniture, bedspreads, cushions, glasses, refrigerators, etc.  Mirror work decorated on the walls is one of the traditional embroideries which has been loved in India since the old times.  Mica, which has been said to protect you from evil things, was originally used in mirror work, and they say that mothers gave mirror work to their dearest daughters at the marriage.  All the guest rooms have ocean views.  From a small veranda, you can look over the crystal blue sea. 

“At night you can enjoy beautiful stars from the rooftop.”  As I was recommended, I went up to the rooftop right after check in.  It was about to be twilight.  The sinking evening sun was going to dye red in the sky which welcomes the end of the day.  In the northern sky, the polestar and, I am not sure it was Venus or Mars, the two stars were shining dimly next to each other in one line.

You can savor a literally 360° panoramic view.  After sunset, I went up to the rooftop again with beer and wine.  I kept gazing at a completely quiet and magnificent night sky until I got bored.  I wonder when the last time that I watched the starry sky for a long time was.

The following morning I work up earlier to go down to the beach with the owner.  The beauty of the sea around Miyako Islands is said to be comparable to that of Kerama Islands.  There are points for scuba diving and snorkeling just near the beach. 

The beach looking over to Irabu Island beyond the sea faces the south.  Right after the end of a rainy season till early July, a strong southern wind causes rough waves, but from mid-July when the southern wind calms down till early November when it is still warm, you can keep the beautiful sea all to yourself!

In the garden where turf spreads out, wooden chairs and tables are placed for you to enjoy outside during the comfortable hours in the morning and in the evening.  In the piloti which connects the garden and the building, deck chairs are provided for you to spend a comfortable time under the shade to avoid the ocean breeze and strong sunshine.

“La RAZA COSMICA” is a concept introduced by late philosopher José Vasconcelos in Mexico, where a variety of races coexist, and “Raza” means races and “Cosmica” means the universe.  In order for tourists to enjoy watching different expressions of each time in the morning, daytime, and night as if they were watching a silent film, “Tourist Home” is full of kind attention to little things. 

As I spent time gazing at the sea and the sky, I had a feeling of great relief as if a small person like me had been deeply connected to the vast nature by something indescribable.

When you feel a little tired from your daily life and would like to enjoy “the luxurious time of doing nothing,” please visit this “home”!


Address: 309-1 Hirara Maezato, Miyako-jima City, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-75-2020
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Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Nobuya Fukuda