Okinawa Tourism Information:Onlyonebeachisnotgoodenough!Let’sspendahalfdaytovisitaroundbeautifulbeachesinMiyakoIsland.

Only one beach is not good enough! Let’s spend a half day to visit around beautiful beaches in Miyako Island.

post : 2015.09.09 21:00

From Shigira Resort to Aragusuku Beach by way of Higashihennasaki, how about a stunning-vista “Beach Quest,” taking a half day in a relaxed fashion?  I am sure that you will find “My Best Beach,” which you might want to come back again and again.

Shigira Resort, which includes three resort hotels; ALLAMANDA Shigira Bayside Resort, HOTEL BREEZE BAY MARINA, and The SHIGIRA, and Kugani Onsen Hot Spring, a steak restaurant, etc. is a resort area representing Miyako Island.  Driving on Route 235 from Shigira Beach within the resort area to Aragusuku Beach by way of Higashihennasaki, the most famous scenic beauty in Miyako Island is a highly-recommended driving course as you can enjoy views of the very blue waters and sky of Miyako Island.  I would like to introduce lovely beaches I found when I drove around the island as my mood dictated. 

First, I would like to show you Shigira Beach, which is managed by Shigira Resort.  Around the deep inlet, people enjoyed playing and relaxing as they liked everywhere on the white sand beach and emerald green shallow waters.   It is just like a painting depicting a utopia!  Everything is wrapped in a slow, sweet atmosphere, and casually prepared services like tarps, parasols, showers, BBQ space, activities and restaurants can be found in a resort like this.  The beach is designed to be friendly to everybody from children to senior citizens. 

On the way from Shigira Resort to Higashihennasaki, I found a concrete gate saying “Imugya Marine Garden.”  There was nobody but an atmosphere that reminded me of ruins.  When I parked the car and walked beyond the gate, a well-developed path invited me further and further.  Soon I was walking on a slope and found myself on the walking trail stretched out to the ocean for a stunning vista!  Many different unknown blue colors created a gradation as far as the horizon.  Just an about 15-minute walk took me to the observatory on the top of the cliff.  Feeling the ocean breeze, you can enjoy the sky and the sea as far as your eyes can reach to your heart’s content. 

At Higashihennasaki, I came across a landscape which is reminiscent of “Halong Bay,” a World Heritage site in Viet Nam.  The landmark for the landscape is a signboard saying “Bora Fishing Port” before the walking path toward the tip of the cape.  Please go down to the left from the signboard, and you will find a beach ahead of the fishing port.  Raised coral reefs were lined up in the calm water surface, beyond which I saw lush green precipices dim in the distance.      

Leaving Higashihennasaki behind, I took side road which got my attention.  And I found a place where I could get a beautiful view of Higashihennasaki!

I left Shigira Beach after noon to start the drive around the southeastern part of the island.  Around 5 PM, I arrived at Aragusuku Beach, which made me feel something nostalgic that I had seen in the film a long time ago.   On a spacious, white sand beach, table sets with parasols are regularly lined up.  They sell curry and rice, beer, etc. as well as provide a rental service for snorkeling sets.  The beach has a vague atmosphere of the sense of Showa Era (1926–1989), which delights the cockles of the heart.  If you would like to go on a picnic with rice balls and fried chicken in the lunch box, Aragusuku Beach is perfect for that!   

You can enjoy at a beach just anyway you like; to relax, to play, to gaze at the sea, to feel comforted, to swim, to drink, to eat, etc.  That is the best part of it!   And on top of that, its crystal-clear waters shining in the sun is just by your side.  A beach is such an awesome place!  Miyako Island has much more fabulous beaches in addition to those above. 

Please take enough time to enjoy your only “Beach Quest”! 

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura