Okinawa Tourism Information:YouCanStillEnjoyintheSeaofOkinawa!Beach&StayinSenagaIsland15MinutesfromAirport!

You Can Still Enjoy in the Sea of Okinawa! Beach & Stay in Senaga Island 15 Minutes from Airport!

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Senaga-jima Beach is a natural beach which is next to Ocean View Shop & Restaurant Mall “Umikaji Terrace” and “Ryukyu Onsen Ryujin-no-yu.”  A free shuttle bus is available from “Akamine Station” of a monorail called Yui Rail to Umikaji Terrace every 30 to 60 minutes from 9:05 to 20:50, so you don’t have to rent a car from the downtown Naha or Naha Airport to Senaga-jima Beach.

“papillon marine club&Bar,” which is located at Umikaji Terrace, provides marine activities including SUP (Stand Up Paddle Surfing), snorkeling, banana boat ride, etc.  If some seats are available, you can join an activity without reservation.  While you are watching the sea from Umikaji Terrace, suddenly you might want to jump into the waters.  In that case, please ask them for availability of activities. 

The most popular activity is SUP.  Standing on a floaty, thick board and using a paddle, you can walk on the water freely left and right, forward and back.  If the water condition is good, even beginners can stand on the board to enjoy sensation of weightlessness as if you were skating on the waters between the blue sky and sea of Okinawa.  What an expansive feeling!

Just leave your body comfortably to wandering waves.  Then, look at the eye level of water birds flying over the water surface, at the beach you were at some minutes ago, airport, or the downtown Naha in the distance, and you will feel a feeling of floating!  You can feel freedom from everyday life.

Paillon also has a bar.  After getting out of the sea, you can make a toast at the bar while gazing at the sea where you were having fun until a while ago. 

If you go to the bar in the evening, you will savor a blissful sunset time.

Umikaji Terrace has 21 gourmet food shops and 10 other shops including Tilla Earth and TESHIGOTO, which Okinawa CLIP introduced to you before.  For gourmet meals, they have specialty shops for meat, tuna, Italian cuisine, sweets, mom-and-pop candy store (!), beer from the world, etc.  You can enjoy one whole day of a relaxing stroll around the area.  Shops for the two big Okinawan routine meals: Okinawa Soba and Taco Rice are available, too!

Senaga-jima Island is not so spacious, so you can enjoy here using a short time before checking in at a hotel after arriving at the airport or before taking a flight after checking out at a hotel.  The sea of Okinawa is still warm, so please fully enjoy it!

papillon marine&Bar

Address: 174-5 Senaga, Tomigusuku City, Okinawa
TEL: 098-996-5405
Business Hours for Inquiries: 7:00 to 22:00
Activity Hours: 9:00 to Sunset
Always Open except December 29 to January 3 of the following year
Official Website:
Official Website for Umikaji Terrace:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura