Okinawa Tourism Information:RecommendedDrivingSpotsinMainIslandofOkinawa,Part3,IkeiIsland

Recommended Driving Spots in Main Island of Okinawa, Part 3, Ikei Island

post : 2016.06.29 22:00

Shi-sa on the Ikei Bridge.

Ikei island is located on the edge of the islands following from Yokatsu peninsula. It can be reached by car crossing the bridge through Miyagi island and Henza island. Back in 1982, the only way to get there is by ship from Yakena port taking 2 hours.

The view from the bridge includes "Takahanari" on Miyagi island, Ryukyu limestone raised above sea, endless blue of sea, fishing boat with forming waves. Time goes slow on Ikei island. Ikei called "Ichi"  and Ikei island for "Ichi-jima" in Okinawa's local dialect. Ikei is farthest island from main island of Okinawa. Far in dialect is "Hanari", so "Ichi" & "Hanari", which goes "Ichihanari". Ikei island is called "Ichihanari" in Okinawa's dialect.

There are tourists driving this area to see clear sea more and more. I have lived in Uruma-city where Ikei island is for 5 years, and feel here is getting more popular. Crossing Ikei bridge and Ikei tunnel shows up which is entrance of Ikei island.

Tunnel road is my favorite driving course for less than 1 minute. Looking at the blue ocean between concrete beams in the tunnel. I feel like "I wonder where I'm going to", even I have come many times.

Where are we going!?

Here you go!! Ikei beach, tropical paradise! White sand, and coral reef under the blue sky, shower, restroom, place to stay night, and equipment/accessories for BBQ, camping, marine sports are available at Ikei beach.

Sa-ta-andagi made from local "Ougon-imo" is available at restaurant. Please try this, and it could be one of the trip memories. Playing at rocky shore is recommended for people not swimming. East side of Ikei is natural rocky shore.

Passing Ikei middle school ruin which was abolished school and now used for private company, to Ikei community store. There is another rocky shore where you can find variety of small creatures such as hermit crabs and beautiful colored fish. Bathing your feet with water of watching biogeocenosis of the shore will be another memory for your trip.

What I would like to recommend last is endless shore "Agaibisuku". Endless sea horizon. There is nothing to obstruct your sight. No signboard to guide this shore but eventually I get here somehow.

Outer sea is close and water flow is fast, so swimming is not recommended. The view of sea horizon can be a reason to come here. This is a gift only for people visit here. I drive here in my spare time and this view encourages me.

East coast islands of Okinawa accessible by car, Hamahiga, Miyagi, Ikei islands. How do you like it? Nature view of the islands gives you slow and relaxing time. Unlike major leisure activities, going to local spots reminds you small miner things. 

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer monobox Tetsumasa and Kozue Kono