Okinawa Tourism Information:MAYBEBAKERY:Openfrom7AM,isaboutaminutewalktoArahabeach

MAYBE BAKERY: Open from 7AM, is about a minute walk to Araha beach

post : 2016.12.14 18:00

What does it mean, “Maybe Bakery?”

Maybe Bakery is located in Chatan. It was the shop’s unique name that got my attention.


“Yes, this is a real bakery,” owner Masayuki Osawa said with a smile. “The name came from my desire to make connections. We have handmade crafts in the store and plants in addition to the breads and pastries. It is nice to see people connecting here through the various items. So, it's fine for them to feel that this place could be a bakery – or, maybe something else too.”



Osawa explained why he moved from Tokyo and opened his business in Okinawa. “It may sound selfish, but unless I have fun, I can’t give joy to others,” said Osawa. “Here, I am baking my favorite breads and pastries in my own favorite space. I thought I could do something like this in Okinawa but not in Tokyo.”



Osawa opened MAYBE BAKERY in October, 2012 but says he never had a desire to run his own business.



Osawa actually became a baker because he was in love with Danish pastries. As a proof of his passion, he offers many varieties of Danish.



He often gets asked about ingredients by customers. He explains that the he only uses  ingredients that he trusts. His custard cream, chocolate cream, tomato sauce, basil sauce and other creams and sauces are all made from scratch in-house.


Out of 20 or so pastry offerings, croissants, pain au chocolat and cinnamon rolls are the two most popular. The croissants contain whole wheat flour and of course he makes his own cinnamon cream for the cinnamon rolls. Rich, moist, fluffy and buttery, these rolls always sell out out very quickly.



Currywurst (local pork sausage, house-made tomato sauce and curry cheese sauce) seems very popular.



“I like the taste of flour and enjoy the flavor,” Osawa said. He leavens dough with yeast for long time before baking so that it comes out with crunchy crust and yet stays moist inside. You will love the aroma of the flour from the first bite and enjoy the flavor more as you chew. Please try without butter or olive oil first.



Rye bread (Roggenmischbrot) sandwiches are popular among heath-minded people. This veggie sandwich is made of local spinach, carrots, pumpkin, Gouda cheese and kale. It is a mineral and fiber rich food.



While I was here for the interview, my favorite kinds of pastry kept selling out. I was worried I might not get any. You can have fun choosing your favorite pastries in this cozy store.



Since they are open from 7:00 a.m., many people stop in on their way to work on weekdays. The store is also popular with families on weekends. There are tables inside to have your pastries with coffee. Some people come twice a day!



Araha beach is a great place for walking or jogging and is right across the street. Why not have your favorite pastries after your morning exercise? 


MAYBE BAKERY(メイビーベーカリー)

Address: 2-18-6 Chatan, Chatan Town, Okinawa

Tel: 098-911-6923

Hours: 7:00–18:00

Closed: Wednesday; every 2nd and 4th Thursday


Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sachiko