Okinawa Tourism Information:TheElevatedCoralCliffsofManzamo(CapeManza)OffersSpectacularViews

The Elevated Coral Cliffs of Manzamo (Cape Manza) Offers Spectacular Views

post : 2021.03.10 07:00


Cape Manza protrudes into the East China Sea from the coast of Onna Village, and together with the blue hues of the Okinawan sea, the sight is magnificent!
The spectacular view seen from the cliffs of the elevated coral reef, the open space covered in natural grass before the cliffs, and the comfortable sea breeze are wonderfully refreshing.

The name Manzamo originates from the words of the Ryukyuan King Sho Kei who ruled the Ryukyu Kingdom in the early 18th century. When he visited this area, he praised, “This Mo can hold Man-nin (tens of thousands) to Za (sit) together.”
The word “Mo” is Okinawan for “open field”. 


On the surface of the raised coral reef of Manzamo is an open space covered in natural lawn. Surrounded in such a setting, you can feel the splendid gifts of nature as you take in the sights.
The vegetation found growing around this open space is designated as natural monuments of Okinawa Prefecture under the title, “Manzamo Limestone Plant Community”.
The shape at the tip of the protruding coral cliff is famous for its appearance like that of an elephant’s trunk.


In the surrounding waters are an expanse of coral reefs, and the beauty of the seas with its brilliant colors that are unique to Okinawa is another reason why this spot is recommended!
The view offers varying colors and expressions depending on the weather and the time of day you visit.
No matter when you go, though, it will take your breath away.


When you look toward Manza Beach, you’ll see the Meoto Iwa, or the wedded rocks, symbolizing and celebrating the union of a couple in marriage.
How auspicious is that♪

I hope you’ll visit Cape Manza and feel the majestic energy of Mother Earth!

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Reina Chinen (0173)