Okinawa Tourism Information:Cool,CrunchyShavedIceonHaterumaIsland“ParlorMinpika”

Cool, Crunchy Shaved Ice on Hateruma Island “Parlor Minpika”

post : 2014.06.26 21:00

Hateruma Island is the southernmost island of Yaeyama Islands.

After a slow 1-hour ferry ride from Ishigaki Island, the scenery around the dock brought back my memory when I played at the pier a long time ago.

Heading to the Nishihama Beach from the dock, we came to the fork.
When my son and I walked down to the community, a sign looking like a cute bus stop came into our sight.

Apparently, it looked like a parlor.  A banner-flag saying “ICE” radiated such an exciting aura that my son who cannot read characters yet instantly shouted “Shaved ice!!!”

“Let’s keep it secret between us.  Don’t tell your sisters about it.  OK?” I said to him as I took a long look at the menu on the counter.

Mango, Passion Fruit, Shiikuwasa (Citrus depressa Hayata)…
The shop has a good selection of typical flavors of a southern land of Okinawa.
Hmmm… When I was puzzled about what to order, this jumped into my sight.

“Hateruma Blue”

The moment I found it, I automatically ordered “Please give us Hateruma Blue!”
My son also looked excited with his curious eyes.

What kind of blue they call “Hateruma Blue”?
I want to see it (or should I say “eat it”) right away.

Controlling my excitement and curiosity, I looked around the shop to find a sanshin (Okinawan traditional three-stringed instrument) and ukulele casually hanging on the wall.

It just reminded me of a greeting word “Alohaisai!,” which a friend of mine often uses.
(It is a coined word of “Aloha” in Hawaii and “Haisai” in Okinawa. Both of them mean “Hello” in English.)
At night on this island, we can hear the sound of sanhin and ukulele most likely.

While I was in my fantasy, “Hateruma Blue” came to our table!

Many layers of fresh aqua blue and emerald green were so beautiful that my son and I could not help but sigh.


We were trying to scoop shaved ice slowly not to drop it from one-shared dish and crammed it into our mouth; it felt cool and fresh.
Discreet sweet melon flavor and refreshing Blue Hawaii….was a flavor familiar to me.
However, it was mysterious that I thought of it as a different menu item when eating it at the south end of Japan.

I felt that it was a shame to lose the shape of the shaved ice while eating it one by one.
It was an unforgettable memory of my trip.

“Parlor Minpika” is in the walking distance from Nishihama Beach.
Between your swimming activities, please enjoy the island’s idyllic landscape with shaved ice or local awamori (an alcoholic beverage in Okinawa) of Hateruma, “Awanami.”

Parlor Minpika

Address: 465 Aza Hateruma, Taketomi Town, Yaeyama County
Hours:  11:00〜13:00
Closed on Thursdays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Tetsumasa and Kozue Kono (monobox)