Okinawa Tourism Information:FullyEnjoyAllTheMajorPlacesInNakijinVillageAtOnce!Content-richTourThatOnlyBusTourCompanyCanProvide!“TourForVisitingRealOkinawa”

Fully Enjoy All The Major Places In Nakijin Village At Once! Content-rich Tour That Only Bus Tour Company Can Provide! “Tour For Visiting Real Okinawa”

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Nakijin Village in the north of mainland Okinawa is a very popular area which Okinawa CLIP has been introducing in several articles.
For example, Do you remember articles on “Warumi Ohashi Bridge,””Kouri Ohashi Bridge,” “Kouri Ocean Tower,””Kouri Beach,”etc.?

In addition to these 4 must-see places, you can enjoy some more interesting places at once.  This new special bus tour “Tour For Visiting Real Okinawa” is for summer vacation only.  Hosted by Okinawa Bus Ltd., Nakijin Village, Nakijin Village Tourism Association, Nakijin Bull Fighting Association, Nakijin Distillery, etc, actively cooperated in the tour project.

The tour has two courses: “Bull-fighting Experience Course” conducted on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays and “Awamori Distillery Course” conducted on weekdays.
I would like to introduce the former.

The tour bus departs and returns at Naha Airport (or at Okinawa Bus Head Office in Izumizaki, Naha City. *Please see the photo below), so participants can depart right after arriving in Okinawa.

The bus heads north from the Naha city center by the Expressway.  On the way, you will take a break at Igei Service Area, where a marvelous vista of Nakagusuku Bay stretching out on the eastern coast impresses you.

After about one and a half drive from Naha city center, you will enter Nakijin Village.  
When a stunning vista of Warumi Ohashi Bridge, which is about 40m high and was opened for traffic in 2010, your Nakijin Village Tour makes a real start.
You will get excited to see Kouri Island and Kouri Ohashi Bridge in the distance.


After going through Yagaji Island, you will arrive at Kouri Ohashi Bridge.
The bright, gorgeous water praised as “The best water on mainland Okinawa” makes you thrilled no matter how many times you have been here.

After crossing the bridge, you will get to Kouri Beach very shortly.  If you would like to spend time at a leisurely pace, you can get off here for enjoying lunch or swimming for about one and a half hour. 

If you would like to enjoy dining and shopping in a cool place, you can stay on the bus, which will take you, in several minutes, to Kouri Ocean Tower (Admission fee is required.), which was opened in 2013.  You will be excited by the spectacular view from the observation tower, which is 82m above the sea level.

And finally, it is time for the highlight activity of the tour, bull-fighting experience.
(Awamori Distillery Course” conducted on weekdays takes you to “Nakijin Distillery” instead of watching bull-fighting.)

Bull fighting is popular in Uruma City (, but it used to be an entertainment for the ordinary people to be held everywhere in Okinawa.

Presently in Nakijin Village, too, a small village bullfighting stadium has been maintained to hold tournaments several times a year.  How dynamic it is to see the battle of bulls raised for the fight!  It is a stirring, exciting moment.

When you feel elated after the dazzling water and powerful bulls, you will cool down walking through “Imadomari Community” slowly.  The old, good, simple Okinawan life still remain in the area, which is well-known for a film titled “Waiting for Good News.”
In addition, you will be very curious about talk by a Nakijin Village guide.

Now you will be in the final stage.  The last visiting place is a world heritage site, “Nakijin Castle Site” (Admission fee is required.).  Among all the castles designated as a world heritage site, Nakijin Castle is famous for its vast ground area, which is 4 hectares, comparable to the size of Shuri Castle. 

The magnificent appearance built on a higher ground as a castle for kings of Hokuzan (The northern kingdom) in 14C is just like “The Great Wall of China” in the Rykyu Islands.

Far off from the 1.5km long castle walls, you can look over the splendor of the East China Sea.  On a sunny day, you can enjoy the view of Izena Island, Iheya Island, and as far as Yoron Islnad. 

For almost half a day, you can savor Nakijin Village with satisfying content.
Tour fee is 3,800 yen for adults, which is very cheap. (For your reference, one-way ticket for expressway bus from Naha to Nago is 2,020 yen.)
The best part about a bus tour is, of course, that you don’t have to drive.
Tourists with no driving license as well as fathers who are usually drivers for family can enjoy beer at the beach!  (LOL)
In addition, the tour starts and finishes at the airport, so you can take a day trip to revel in sightseeing major places in Nakijin Village.  This is truly categorized as “juicy” tour.

After I watched bullfights, swam, ate, drank, walked, and took a lot of pictures, body and soul were fully satisfied.  On the way back to the airport, a comfortable fatigue made me sleep like a log.

Okinawa Bus Nakijin Village Tour

“Tour for Visiting Real Okinawa” Planned and Operated by Okinawa Bus Ltd.

TEL: 098-861-0083
(Please note: They might not have an English-speaking staff member.  So please ask your Japanese friend for help.)
Official Website:
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Okinwa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)