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【Okinawa CLIP Movie】 Motobu Town Public Market

post : 2014.10.11 13:00

This is a public market in Motobu Town.  In Okinawa, we call a market “machiguwa.”

The Motobu Town Public Market is a traditional shopping area where they sell ocean-fresh seafood from the nearby ports and locally-grown vegetables.  Recently characteristic stores in many different styles have opened one after another, which makes the market even more interesting.

“Motobu Machiguwa” is like a different spatial dimension with a retro flavor of Showa period (mid-20th century), where Yanbaru* time goes by so slowly.

*Yanbaru: the northern mountainous region of Okinawa Island

Shima Shima Kaisha

Shima Shima Kaisha is a popular shop for original felt patches.
Selected sundry goods and organic food are also available.

Goronya Sewing Work Room
Goronya Sewing Work Room creates their original hand sewn clothes, botanical dyeing, and remakes second hand clothing.  They will fix your clothes as well.  Hair bands have been sold very well.

Michikusa Coffee
Michikusa Coffeeis is a café where you can enjoy house-roasted coffee, using organic and fair trade produce.

4 Toguchi, Motobu Town

Music : hacomako

Movie Writer  Ouji Ogawa