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Hiji Cafe, a Comfortable Cafe Between a Forest and A Brook

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In the middle of the wilderness of Yanbaru there is Hiji Falls camp ground. Surround the tropical plants like night-scent lily and large spiny tree fern by the side of the river there is Hiji Cafe. The cafe is lively with people using the camp ground during the summer and people coming to walk and take a look at Hiji Falls.
The drawing at the entrance, that is reminiscent of Jamaica, further deepens the tropical feeling.  

I recommend Nago coffee which is made using the pesticide free Okinawa grown coffee beans which is rare even within Okinawa. It has an flavor that is easy to get used to.

The Indian-style curry which is made with a lot of care  gives a taste of southern India and has a smooth taste. After taking a bite the unique spices spread throughout the mouth and will whet your appetite. By using the power of local production and consumption, they try to use local vegetables as possible.    

For dessert or for cooling off after trekking to Hiji Falls, I recommend the brown cane sugar zenzai. The chewy rice flour dumplings with plenty of red beans topped with ice cream. It is a dish that is a bit of a luxurious combination to be enjoyed.  

Three years ago the owner moved to Kunigami and for sometime thought about opening a cafe. Little by little they connected to the region and were able to open a cafe at the base of Hiji Falls and surrounded by green wilderness.
A member of the staff told us that the shop wants to connect to the region and be recognized as a place to rest.
They focus on ingredients and support producers so they can grow together.
There are foreign visitors who come as well and they working on a menu to meet their needs.
You can enjoy new dishes made with Okinawan ingredients.

Hiji Cafe
Address: 781-1 Hiji, Kunigami-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-41-3636
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781-1 Hiji, Kunigami-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa