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Cape Irizaki of Yonaguni Island The Westernmost Point in Japan

post : 2014.12.31 19:00

Yonaguni Island is the westernmost island in Japan.
The westernmost end part of the island is Cape Irizaki.

The location is within an about 5-minute car ride from Yonaguni Airport.  It is a hilltop vantage point where a lighthouse stands.

Kubura is the westernmost community in Japan, which can be viewed from Cape Irizaki.

Kubura is a fishermen’s town.  Especially blue marlin fishing is very popular.
Every July, the International Billfish Fishing Tournament is held here; big game blue marlins have been caught.

Since the cape is the westernmost point in Japan, you can see the final sunset in Japan here.
The difference of sunset time between Tokyo and Yonaguni is about one hour.

In the Okinawan language, “Iri” means “west.”  It came from “Hi (sun) no Iri (to set).”
“Agari” means “East” in the local language.

The ocean viewed from the cape is very pure, azure blue.
Fishing boats and diving boats come and go.  Ahead of here is Taiwan.

The distance between Yonaguni and Taiwan is about 111km.
About three or four times a year, a big shadow of Taiwan can be seen.

Surprisingly enough, most of the time when it happens, then the weather will be coarse.
For your information, about 117km away from Yonaguni Island is Ishigaki Island.

The Kurabu Community is very quiet, but the locals enjoyed more prosperous period than now due to an illegal trading with Taiwan after World War II.
I wish I could see the community in those days!

There is something boundless about Yonaguni Island.
I would highly recommend this island on the border to you!

Cape Irizaki
Kubura, Yonaguni Town

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Masumi Sasamoto