Okinawa Tourism Information:Sunabe,asunsetspotwhereyoucanexperiencetheatmosphereofaforeigncountry

Sunabe, a sunset spot where you can experience the atmosphere of a foreign country

post : 2013.10.16 16:00

One of the reasons I decided to move to Okinawa was that Okinawa is a “place with a foreign atmosphere and doesn’t require a visa”. The Sunabe area is a place where lots of American soldiers and their families live and the streets are lined with bars and cafés catering to them and one can enjoy an atmosphere just like the West Coast in the U.S. This is a recommended area for those who want “to enjoy the atmosphere of a foreign country but feel that Koza is a little too glistening and frightening.”

First, a walk on the boardwalk filled with the smell of the sea breeze. Many locals, foreigners and tourists all come to visit for the sunset.

It would also be pretty nice to enjoy the sunset while drinking a toast at a stylish café.

This is also a famous spot for diving and surfing. After thoroughly enjoying the beautiful sea, looking up at the sunset from the sea’s surface should give you a different impression. Even in cloudy weather, Okinawa’s magnificent sky will make a different show everyday.

If you have the courage to enter a bar aimed at foreigners, it is a totally foreign world. Of course you can use US dollars in most of the shops.
You may be surprised if you are welcomed in English with greetings like “Hi, How are you?”
If someone buys you a shot, don’t hesitate and make a toast with a shout of “Cheers”!

If you can muster up the courage to try meeting people from other countries, you might have a wonderful encounter.

【Okinawa Clip Photo Writer Sandy】