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Moist muffin made with fresh milk and soybean pulp “SOYSOY”

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The shop is about 10-minute car ride from Churaumi Aquairum, which is a representative sightseeing spot of Okinawa.  You can find the shop with a pretty aqua blue signboard in “Motobu Town Public Market,” where time goes by slowly and you feel as if you slipped in time of Showa period (1926–89).

When I looked into the shop, I found it was a muffin shop.  They sell freshly-baked muffins made with freshly-squeezed soy milk and okara (soybean pulp.)  Sometimes you can find yushi doufu*1 and atsuage*2 next to the muffins. 

*1: tofu made from adding the bittern into the soy milk before it becomes the tofu as we know
*2: thick triangular pieces of deep fried tofu

And little wonder that the owner, Ms. Akino Gushiken’s parents run a long-established tofu store for more than 50 years, “Yamashiro Tofu Shop” in Motobu Town.

Her parents use traditional jigama (iron pot) method, which has been passed down from her grandma, to make island tofu.  You can feel savory flavor of soybean because they use no preservatives nor additives.  SOYSOY muffins are made using soy milk and soybean pulp produced from the traditional tofu making process.

Of course Akino-san bakes muffins.  Actually since her childhood, she had watched large amounts of soymilk and okara being discarded during the process of making tofu and had thought “What a waste!”

She was wondering if I could use the soymilk and okara for making sweets and run business together with her parents’ tofu shop.  She made her dream come true and opened this shop.

She is very busy every morning, collecting freshly-produced soymilk and okara from her parents’ shop and bakes muffins one after another to make it for the opening time, 11:30 AM.

“Sweets is such a happy hood, so I would like to make it delicious and gentle to your body.  I would like to make something that everybody, from children to the elderly, can eat free from anxiety.  But it should look pretty and an eye-popper.  I always aim at making muffins like flowers!”    

Using flour and butter from Hokkaido and eggs from Yanbaru (the northern mountainous area of mainland Okinawa), beet sugar, soymilk, etc,, she bakes moist, not too sweet, a little big muffins.  Okara is used as a topping so that you can enjoy crisp texture. 

About 10 kinds of muffins are displayed in the shop.  In addition to flavors of chocolate, raspberry, cream cheese, seasonal orange from Motobu Town, the shop offers macha (fine green tea) azuki (sweet red bean), brown sugar cocoa.  Also a muffin made without using eggs and dairy products is a regular flavor.

According to seasons, muffins made using specialty products such as acerola milk and mangos can be found at the shop.

These are scorns and cookies baked using okara.  The popular items taste simple but the more you chew, the more gentle, delicious flavor spreads in your mouth. 

(The left on the photo shows Ms. Akino Gushiken.)

“I would like to make this shop a place where everybody can share fun and happiness.  Here, I would like workers and my customers enjoying my muffins to have a smile like flower blooming.”

Akino-san smiled rumpled with her straight eyes.  Her smile has such a marvelous charm which eases your mind that you cannot help being drawn into her warm world.

There are some places that you would like to visit repeatedly because you are in love with the taste, but here, you would like to come back again and again because of her passion in addition to her tasty muffins. 

No wonder you feel a gentle feeling when you enjoy SOYSOY muffins. 

Sweets shop  SOYSOY

Address: 4 Toguchi, Motobu Town, Kunigami County, Okinawa
TEL: 0980‐43‐6003
Opening Hours: 11:30 to 17:30
Closed on Mondays and the 2nd & 4th Sundays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono

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