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Cafe And Hotel In The Nature of Yambaru
"Soranoma INDIGO"

post : 2015.10.04 18:00

Surrounded by beautiful ocean, open sky, tropical forest, and wild animals, a secret haven is in Kunigami Village, the north end of Okinawa. Cafe and Hotel "Soranoma INDIGO" is the hideout located along the coast near the northern starting point of rout 58.

Soranoma INDIGO is located along the natural beach. There are no borders or fence, it just looks like a garden. It is surprising that there are many things that are handmade of the owner "Non-chan" who is native of Fukuoka prefecture.

It takes about a minute to go around the garden. Going further, you will see a trailer house that the owner lives, a cafe & kitchen "Kimagure Cafe", accommodation area "Cottage", bathroom, storage area, shower room, another accommodation area "Log House", and in the center, there is a library space for common use.

Among the plants unique to tropics such as flying spider monkey tree fern and cactus, small singns and exteriors entertain visitors. 6 silky fowls run in the garden.

From benches and bathrooms to shower room, almost every facility are made by Non-chan using natural materials. It took 2 years to make, so you can call it a masterpiece.

For accommodation, Log House is for 1-2 people, and Cottage is for 2-3 people. Furniture and interiors make you comfortable. Also in the area, you can have a camp. ( for 1 night, 1,200yen per adult ) At night, you can relax listening to singing of insects and wake up in the morning listening to birds singing.

Kimagure Cafe is a cafe surrounded by many natures. Enjoy delicious dinner and breakfast on a swing cooked by Non-chan.

Coffee or tea (with snacks) are 400 yen. Different snacks are served day by day. Today, potate, cheese, and celery on baked bruschetta and apple on the side were served. They go great with a cup of coffee.

Non-chan also works as a guide for forest therapy which is unique to Kunigami Village. Shunichiro Murata ( on the left in the picture below ) came all the way from Naha area driving more than 120 km. He is another person who was attracted by the nature and atmosphere of INDIGO. "The last time, it was just like gravitated towards here, and the right after I got here, I was fascinated. This is a place where I just want to come by sometimes."

Unique atmosphere that represents the comfort of INDIGO is in the library located in the center of the garden. Interiors once thrown away but repaired and reborn, objet of the nature, arts created by Non-chan and other artists, and children's books are displayed in the library. It is so inspiring that many people keep coming back to INDIGO to see this library.

30 seconds on foot, you will see the natural beaches that can overview Cape Hedo, the northern tip of Okinawa.

There is no light of cars or streets, 360 night-sky with full of stars will be the moment of eternity.

It is too sophisticated to call this place idyllic. It is too calming to call this place spiritual place. It is too artistic to call this place  nature world. Not only personality of Non-chan and meals are fantastic, this is a place where ( honestly I am not willing to share,lol ) you can relax and ged lost in thought. I cannot express enough how great this place is by words and pictures. Please visit and experience by yourself.

Soranoma INDIGO
Address: 1866 Oku, Kunigami Village, Okinawa
Open everyday
Parking lot available
Check in:14:00
Check out:11:00
Rates: (1 night per adult ) without meals over 4,000yen, with two meals over 7,500yen

Kimagure Cafe
Opens from 11:00
Closed irregularly
(Price includes tax)

Okinawa CLIP photo writer : Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)