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Hidden Island in Okinawa, Kita-daito Island

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"Is there hidden island in Okinawa?" I would answer that's Kita-daito. It takes 75minutes by airplane or 15 hours by ferry, and located 360 kilometers to the east of Okinawa main island. The island looks like ocarina shape if you look down from the above.

Things to enjoy on Kita-daito are fishing and drinking at bars. I feel like fishing at the center of the pacific ocean. And at bar, drinking enjoy local sake and karaoke with local people. In addition to it, great ocean and starry sky make me realize the nature and human being.

Tourist spots on the island are marginal at best, but phosphate rock warehouse and stone house ruin and museum of history. Phosphate rock warehouse ruin was found in Taisho era and symbol of  phosphate rock industry until 1950. History of people and culture on pioneer island, Kita-daito is displayed at museum of history. Especially comparison of dialects documents are interested.

Population at the peak, 4000 decreased to 660 now. Cats and goats are more often seen than people if you walk around.

It might be looked deserted place. Good thing here on the island is less people, less tourist spots. I feel I'm only person riding a bike and monopolizing it except rush hour in the morning, lunch time and in the evening.

I'm riding bike by myself, but lonely, because sugar cane field bending with the wind, field mustard cheering me up, wildcats staring in the bush.

Kita-daito is known as potato island. Sugar cane is the most major farm goods, but considering damage to the crop, potato is recommended to farm parallel. Potatoes on the island containing minerals from the ocean taste rich, moreover, it's rare outside of the island due to shipping cost. Taste of the potato I tried was rich enough even without salt. It's not easy to get potatoes, but shochu made from the potatoes, "Potechu" and "Okunawa curry" made from the specialty products including the potatoes of 5 islands are available.

There is something interesting thing I saw. An old tractor, has been used even now since,,, long long time ago, Massey Ferguson tractors.

Interesting color combination of the pine tree and the house. Shinto shrine which is unfamiliar in Okinawa unlike Utaki(place of worship in Okinawa). There are immigrants from Hachijo-jima on Kita-daito, and they have dialect and  cultural events which different from one's in Okinawa.

Hidden island, Kita-daito island is where the lover of main character of the movie, "Tabidachi no shimauta" lives. Please enjoy it with the atmosphere of Minami-daito island.

Kita-daito island village office

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Nobuya Fukuda

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